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QuickSCRIP offers the ability to text patients. This feature can be used to inform patients that prescriptions are ready, to call you or the doctor, send updates on the availability of flu shots, or anything else you would like to communicate to your customers. You will need to call Cost Effective to have this feature activated.

Setting Up a Patient

Note: The Patient Must have a cell phone in their profile for this feature to work.

  1. Starting from the Rx Processing Menu, choose 13 for the Patient File Maintenance.
  2. Search for a patient
  3. Enter the Cell Phone Number on Line 77.
  4. Customers who want to receive text messages will need a Y on line 80.

Sending a Text

Once a patient has been setup for texting, you can message them in the system. Texts can be sent from the Fill Screen, Edit Screen, or Patient File Maintenance. Once a patient or prescription with a patient has been selected, you can text by pressing SHIFT + F5.

A prompt will appear, allowing you to type your own message or select a pre-made message (see below). After you hit ENTER on the final line of the prompt box, the message will be sent.

If you want QuickSCRIP to always prompt you to text a customer when you fill a scrip, you can change the customer's profile (Screen 1, line 80) from a Y to an A. The text screen will appear when you sign off on a scrip. Press UP ARROW to exit without sending a message.

QuickSCRIP also offers a 'Mass texting " feature for sending bulk messages to all your cell phone customers. Please contact Cost Effective Computers if you wish to use this utility.

Note: There could be delays between when you send a message and when that message has been received. Also be aware that texting costs may apply, and can vary from provider to provider.


QuickSCRIP can be set to automatically text during the fill process on specially designated customers.

To activate this feature, go to the Business Control File.

  1. Start in the Pharmacy Main Menu
  2. Select 3 Utilities
  3. Select 3 Business Control File
  4. Choose option 6 Additional Rx Custom Screen 3
  5. On line 37, set to Y

In order for autotexting to work, a customer must first be setup with a cell number (see above instructions). Additionally, the customer will need to be marked for autotexting. This can be done by marking the Customer FM, Screen 1, line 80, set to an A

On customers marked this way, QuickSCRIP will automatically pull up the text interface (as if you had typed SHIFT + F5) once you sign off on a prescription. It will default to a blank screen or your preset message (see below). If you do not wish to send a text, you can back out of the text interface by pressing the UP ARROW on your keyboard.

Texting Queue

A new texting queue allows you to view, sort, and respond to incoming text messages. We alert you to incoming messages via the red bar that appears at the bottom of QuickSCRIP (similar to the Refill Queue and Surescripts Queue).

The Texting Queue is Option 25 from the Rx Processing Menu.

Default Text Messages

You can setup default messages, which you can then select when you text a customer. This is useful for automatically generating messages that you send frequently, like pick-up reminders.

  1. Start in the Pharmacy Main Menu and Choose 3 for Utilities
  2. Choose 3 again for the Business Control File
  3. Choose option 17 for Text Messaging.

QuickSCRIP can store up 6 pre-made text messages, in addition to a signature line. Additionally, you can set one of these messages to automatically populate the text box by setting it on line 17. The Signature Line is meant to include your store name and contact information, and it is automatically appended to the end of every text message.

Patient FM Screen Texting Prompt in FILL screen BCFM Texting Messaging Screen