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QuickSCRIP offers a useful tool to help you better improve your pharmacy profit margins. The system tracks what a third party insurance's reimbursement rate was, and will flag claims that were payed exactly the amount that was requested.

Paid-as-sent claims are important to watch for. Insurances will typically pay what a pharmacy asks for if the claim is being billed under price, or if it's being billed for the wrong quantity. These claims, once corrected, can potentially pay more upon re-transmission. Running this report regularly can help you catch claims that might be hurting your profit margins.

Running the Report

Your pharmacy will need to be in the Dual Billing programs for this feature to work.

  1. Start in the Pharmacy Main Menu or Rx Processing Menu
  2. Choose F7 to take you to the Report Generator screen.
  3. Set your date range on lines 5 and 6
  4. On line 10 Format, choose Paid as Sent
    • Paid as Sent, by Rx, File will generate an electronic copy of the report and display it in your web browser.
    • Paid as Send, by Rx, Paper will print the report to paper as normal.
  5. Choose "P" to "Print" report.

Any third-party and medicaid claims that were paid-as-sent within the specified date range will appear in the report.

Correcting Claims

A claim is considered paid-as-sent if an insurance company reimburses you exactly the amount you transmitted to them. It's good to examine these claims, and ensure that you are being reimbursed the best value. Common causes for low reimbursements are listed below.

Low Price Tables

The price table attached to the drug or insurance company might be under-pricing the drug. To see what price table is attached to a drug or insurance, search for it in the Drug or Insurance File Maint. screen and then press 'F10. Raising your % or Fee can improve reimbursement rates.

Incorrect Quantity / Package Quantity

Insurance companies will underpay if the quantity or package quantity are not accurate. This can be particularly costly, as insurances will continue to reimburse these rates on refills as well.

AWP or ACQ Prices are out of Date

QuickSCRIP bases its billing, pricing, and profit, calculations off the price values in your Drug file. Regularly running price updates from Medispan and your drug wholesaler ensure you have the most accurate price values on your drugs.

Incorrect Drug NDC

Insurances determine reimbursement rates by the NDC that was transmitted in the claim. Make sure you have the most up-to-date NDC numbers on your drugs, to ensure you are being reimbursed accurately and at a fair market price.

In the Dashboard

In addition to running the report in F7, we also track paid-as-sent claims in the QuickSCRIP Dashboard Utility. These scrips are marked in the "Paid as Sent" column of the prescription info on the lower right of the dashboard, and functions similarly to the web browser report that is run in F7.